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2015.09.27 Information!
Welcome to LineageII BTM Server.
BTM is a Private PvP Custom server.

All Custom Itens change only the character appearance using the same stats of HighFive Top-grade Items.
By playing in our server you agree with all terms and conditions.
2015.09.27 Rates!
Experience (XP) : 100x
Skill Points (SP) : 100x
Adena : 100x

Max. Enchant : +13

Max. Elemental : Level 7

2015.09.27 News!
Join us on facebook facebook.com/l2btm
2015/10/12 Close Beta
Contact an admin to participate in Close Beta and get rewards on Open.
2015/11/12 Pre-Open
2015/12/12 Open
2015.09.27 Information!
All ittens can be aquired in-game
2015.09.27 Weapons!

2015.09.27 Custom Armor!